Qaim Ali Shah credits police and Rangers for Karachi peace


KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Tuesday credited police and Qaim Ali Shahfor restoration of law and order in Karachi within two and a half years.


“We have managed to reduce the city’s crime rate by 80 percent. Law and order situation is much better now,” he said while speaking to lawyers at Malir Bar.

The chief minister pledged that security personnel would continued their targeted operation till the arrest of last terrorist in Karachi.

He recalled that judges once used to say that their verdicts spoke for them, but now judges as well as their decisions both speak.

On behalf of the Sindh government, Chief Minister Shah announced giving free land to women peasants in the province. “Pakistan cannot progress by ignoring women,” he noted.

“Our government has also spent Rs 4 to Rs5 billion in Tharkpar over the last few years. You may visit hospitals in Mithi and Hyderabad and feel the difference yourself.”

Meanwhile, an elderly man, who wanted to say something in front of the dice, was evicted from the gathering by security agencies.