Rana Sanaullah in troube over Bhola Gujjar murder case


FAISALABAD: Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) Rana Sanaullah is once again in trouble as another suspect of Bhola Gujjar case has nominated him on Monday.


According to details, the investigation of Bhola Gujjar murder case took a new turn when another suspect, Ayaz Bubbly also nominated Rana Sanaullah before Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Irfan Ullah Khan. Earlier Naveed Commando has also said that the senior PML-N leader is involved in the target killing.

Ayyaz said that the main culprit of Bhola Gujjar murder case, Naveed Commando was gunman of Farrukh Waheed, whom he had many times seen on Rana Sanaullah’s ‘Dera’. SSP operations, Irfan Ullah Khan interrogated the law minister in presence of Ayaz Bubbly but Rana denied all the charges.

Rana Sanaullah defended himself in written form against the allegations imposed by Naveed Commando saying that he is being named in Bhola Gujjar murder case as part of a conspiracy against him. Ayaz Bubbly was arrested with help of Interpol last month. Anti-terrorism court has ordered to submit interrogation report on 23th of November.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has been summoned to court for investigations regarding murder of Bhola Gujjar case on November 9. SSP Operations Faislabad will record statement of Punjab Law Minister.

Proceedings regarding Bhola Gujjar case have started as SSP Operations Faislabad Irfanullah seeks to record statement of Punjab’s Law Minister.

Prior to this, SSP Irfanullah has also recorded statement of culprit Naveed Commando in which the latter had admitted to committing murder of Bhola Gujjar on instructions from Rana Sanaullah.