Rehman Malik sends Cynthia Ritchie Rs500mn defamation notice in reponse to rape allegations

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister and senior PPP leader Senator Rehman Malik sent US blogger Cynthia D Ritchie a Rs500mn defamation notice in response to her allegations that he had raped her.


In the legal notice, Malik strongly rejected Cynthia’s allegations, saying that the entire episode was a fight for Benazir Bhutto’s prestige. He paid tribute to Bhutto by saying that the slain former prime minister was considered a leader of impeccable repute by the entire country.

In his notice, the former interior minister said that he would expose the faces behind Ritchie’s allegations at the appropriate time. Malik said that he was constantly receiving threats of being sent to jail or killed.

The PPP leader said that he had never bowed to pressure before and would not do the same now. Malik said that he did not harbour any grievances against Ritchie and said that she was the citizen of a friendly country.

The American blogger had said in a Facebook live video last week that in 2011, she had been raped by Malik, who was then the country’s interior minister. She went on to say that other senior leaders of the party, former PM Gilani and ex-federal minister Shahabuddin, had ‘manhandled’ her.

All those accused by Cynthia had categorically rejected her accusations.

Cynthia says she tweeted about Benazir based on details provided to her by a senior PPP leader

Ritchie had said in an interview with a private news channel that a senior PPP leader had provided her details of the tweet that she had posted about former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

The US blogger had said that she would try to prove her allegations against senior PPP leaders in court and would present whatever evidence she had to authorities in Pakistan.

Ritchie had said that she was going nowhere and was ready to face the consequences if her allegations were proven false.

Cynthia arrived in Pakistan 52 times since 2009

According to Cynthia’s passport details obtained by Geo News, the American blogger arrived in Pakistan 52 times since she came to the country for the first time in November 9, 2009.

As per details obtained by Geo News, Cynthia came to Pakistan on two different passports. Her last passport was issued by US authorities n July 18, 2018 while her earlier passport had been issued on December 9, 2008.

After arriving in Pakistan for the first time on November 9, 2009, she left the country three days later on November 12, 2009.


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