Resolution passed in senate condemning blasphemous drawing competition, PM addresses senators

ISLAMABAD: A unanimous resolution was adopted on Monday in the Senate against a caricature competition in Netherlands, which can hurt the sentiments of Muslims worldwide due to the heretical nature of the content.


After passing of the resolution, Prime Minister Imran Khan made his first speech to the upper House of Parliament.

“Senate and Parliament are the best places for a politicians accountability, We will lay out the framework for that, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“We have taken 2800 Billion dollars worth of loans and we are only paying Interest over them for now.”

“My austerity Scheme has an Ideology, The ideology is Quranic scripture where Allah says that he will not change the fates of a nation which is not aware of their detriment.”

“Ruling elite should be exemplary, they should set example for the poor and needy and care for them.”

“We are stuck in the colonial era who made these monuments in the reign of monarchs but when they went for outright democracy, they started to care for the poor and not be embroiled in marinating lifestyles. This colonial mindset has plagued us for aeons.”

“We want to live like kings and are careless when it comes to taxation and rule of law.”

“We will auction cars under government ministries, we are doing this for optics, we are letting the people know that we are trying to make a difference and they should become and active part of the process of change.”

“We are in a classic debt trap where we are taking loans to pay off the interests on previous loans.”

“The countries that live off of loans loses all sense of pride, honor and dignity.”

Imran said that very few Europeans understand hurting of Muslim sentiments over blasphemous content.

The prime minister said he understands the European mindset they do not understand the love Muslims have for the Prophet.

Imran further said that his government will priortise the issue and take it up with global Muslim body, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

He said that a session of the OIC should be held to discuss the matter of blasphemous caricature competition.


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