Salon owner, staff allegedly assaulted by NAB official’s wife in Karachi


KARACHI: A salon owner in Karachi has claimed that her staff was beaten up by policemen in civvies sent by a NAB official’s wife after she lost her jewelry at the premises.


“This woman got my guard beaten up, trespassed (no warrant) and scared my girls,” Haya Ali, owner of Envy Salon, said in a Facebook post.

“Those four men were government officers who came in a police mobile after Hina’s husband, Assistant Deputy Director NAB Ausaf Mir Talpur ordered them too,” she added.

Recalling the story, Ali said it all happened on Tuesday when a client whom she named as Hina Khan claimed that she had lost her chain at the salon.

Ali informed her on the phone that the establishment and the staff were not responsible for any lost items, as per the “giant sign at the reception that clearly states that my salon is not responsible for any loss whatsoever and every client must look after their personal belongings”.

However, when Ali arrived at her salon, she found the woman waiting for her. “I rushed to the salon to find her sitting at the main reception, Still yelling at my staff. I tried talking to her and asked her to calm down several times (still politely) and she refused. She got physical and started scaring my other clients,” Ali recounted, adding the woman also assaulted an elderly client of hers who tried to calm her down.

Ali said she repeatedly apologised to her, but Khan refused to calm down. After the woman physically assaulted two of her employees, Ali called security to forcefully escort her out. This is when things turned ugly and Khan punched Ali in the face.

The woman refused to leave and sat in her car. Soon after four policemen came barging into her salon.”Four men (armed) and without uniform stepped out of a police mobile and beat the crap out of my guard.

They snatched his gun and almost broke his leg. Next they beat up a 14-year-old boy after finding out that he works here too.

They made their way upstairs and my girls quickly locked all doors and called ADT security immediately. (upon arrival we learned that they too were helpless if the police is involved).”

The men also vandalised the salon and entered every room, even the massage section. “These men also went door to door and tried to kick every room open and tore the place apart. When my manager told them they can’t go any further they pushed her away and entered the massage section with clients!!! They burst the door open and opened Every. Single. Curtain. Might I add this is where women lay with their bare backs.”

Ali, the daughter of actor Shagufta Ejaz, runs a salon in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar area.