Sardar Raza tells high courts to stay away from ECP matters


ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Chief Sardar Raza Khan has on Friday expressed displeasure over high courts’ interference in the ECP business.


Raza told the high courts not to interfere in ECP matters and said that it was not binding for the ECP to abide by every ruling given by the high courts.

Hearing the case about the local body elections in Faisalabad, ECP chief was furious over Lahore High Court’s decision to direct the case of UC-67 in Faisalabad back to ECP.

Sardar Raza Khan said that abiding by every ruling by the high courts in not binding over ECP. He said that the decisions are taken according to the sensitivity and nature of the case. He told the high courts not to interfere in ECP matters.