SC indicts Daniyal Aziz on contempt of court charges

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan has indicted Daniyal Aziz on contempt charges, newsone reported.


Last week, the apex court had fixed 13 March to indict minister of privatization and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) stalwart Daniyal Aziz on alleged speeches, and media talks against the honorable judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat indicted Daniyal Aziz as the latter failed to satisfy apex court while explaining his position on a show-cause notice, saying that his speeches regarding judiciary were ‘misreported’ as he can not even think to defame state institutions.

However, Aziz did not plead guilty and contended the charge sheet which was read out by Justice Musheer Aalam.

The charge sheet states that the accused made judiciary ‘controversial’, alleging the highest court for showing clemency for PTI chief Imran Khan as the Supreme Court gave decision in favor of the latter following a ‘written script’ by declaring cricketer turned politician ‘Sadiq and Ameen’.

Daniyal Aziz is also accued of ‘ridiculing’ court judges and intervening in court’s matter.


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