SDO HESCO among tow others killed in Nawabshah

NAWABSHAH: Kareem Bux, a Sub Division Officer in Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) among two others were shot dead by armed men in Dur, Nawabshah, Newsone reported on Thursday.


According to details, the all three deceased belongs to same family.

Police has stated old enmity behind the reason of killing. The bodies of deceased has been shifted to nearby hospital for autopsy.

According to details, SDO HESCO Engr Karim Bux Dahri, his brother and nephew were attacked while they were on road to local graveyard for prayers on the graves of their elders in account of Muharram-ul-Haram. All three were killed on the spot while the six year old was injured in the process, sources added.

Karim Bux and his family had a rivalry with their relatives since one of his brother murdered one of his relative due to political rivalry during the previous local bodies elections and gone into hiding since then, was believed to be the reason behind the incident, sources concluded.


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