Security workshop for Pak-Afghan Track-2 talks ends

ISLAMABAD: Regional security workshop arranged in Kabul for Pak-Afghan Track-2 talks on Tuesday ended. Joint action for stopping terrorists’ funding, establishment of hotline for better border management and integrated action against terrorists.


A 7-point declaration was released at the end of the operation which said that all kinds of terrorism must be condemned on both sides of the border. It also stated that the extremist actions by non-state actors will be considered terrorism. Moreover, drugs, arms smuggling, kidnapping for ransom are sources of funding for terrorism and a clear framework will be made for stopping them.

The declaration advised Pakistan and Afghanistan governments to work for better border management, put up integrated action to target the terrorists on both sides of the border, set up hotline connection between the border commanders of both the countries and formulate strategy for intelligence sharing. The declaration further states that steps need to be taken to stop national and international funding of the seminaries. It adds that the seminaries curriculum must be kept under strict surveillance.

“Governments should work on unbiased reporting of Pak-Afghan relations”, the declaration says. It also advised setting up a joint civil society monitoring commission for the implementation of Pak-Afghan bilateral agreements.