Selfie craze claims youth’s life in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: A selfie-obsessed boy on Tuesday died when he stood in front of a oncoming train to take his picture in Rawalpindi.


According to details, the incident took place when a 22-year-old boy fell prey to oncoming speeding train near Mareer Chowk while taking selfie. The deceased, identified as Jamshed was a railway worker and was a resident of Dhok Ratta.

According to a report, the emerging selfie craze has engulfed lives of more than 15 people in an attempt to amaze friends on social networking sites.

Earlier, a 19-year-old youth lost his life as he sat on a railways track after his friends dared him on social media website, Facebook.

Government Science College Samanabad’s student, Waheed was dared by his friends to sit the longest on a railways track that claimed his life. Police reached the site after learning about the news.

Waheed was a resident of Ghulam Muhammadabad area. The body was shifted to the house after police completed necessary formalities.

Separately, at least seven youngsters in neighboring country India have lost their lives when they tried to take selfie while standing in Mangrul Lake.

On the other hand, a teenage girl named Brunette Anna Ursu was turned into a human fireball when she was electrocuted after climbing on top of a train and trying to take a photo of herself.

A hospital spokesman said that although the girl hadn’t touched the wire, she had come into contact with the electrical field which was just as deadly. The girl’s friend who survived said she had wanted to get the “ultimate selfie” and that they had not even considered the danger.

Moreover, several countries have also imposed ban on taking selfies due to increasing mishaps.