Sharif family’s offshore holdings are legal: Information Minister

Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid strongly rejected revelations of the Panama Papers and says that all Sharif family’s offshore holdings are legal.


“Two children of [Nawaz] Sharif used to live abroad. They did not do any illegal work, all their assets are white money, there is nothing wrong in it,” said the minister while speaking to the press here on Monday.

“Can Imran Khan or other politicians claim none of their kith or kin reside abroad or do business offshore?”

Rashid continued: “In 1970, Sharifs’ companies were nationalised without due compensation, their homes were snatched, was that not injustice?”

“They decided their father is in politics and so they’ll stay away from politics. They were forced to take these decisions by authoritarian rulers of the past.”