Shehbaz Sharif’s interim bail extended till August 17 by LHC

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) extended PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif till August 17 on Thursday, after he appeared before the court in the assets beyond means case.


Stringent security measures were in place when the former Punjab chief minister arrived at the high court to attend his bail hearing. In the previous hearing of the case, the LHC had extended Shehbaz’s bail till July 23.

During the hearing, Shehbaz told the court that seven National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigative officers had probed his case.

“They [investigative officers] do not have anything to ask me but I am still being summoned,” said the former chief minister Punjab, adding that he had risked his illness to arrive in Pakistan from London and braved court appearances and NAB inquiries.

The PML-N president spoke to media about the detailed verdict of the case against Khawaja brothers. He thanked God that the two PML-N leaders had been vindicated.

The court extended Shehbaz’s interim bail till August 17, and the judge excused himself from hearing the case further. He issued directions for another bench to conduct future proceedings.

“I cannot hear this case due to my relationship with Shehbaz Sharif’s lawyer Azam Nazir,” said Justice Shahram Sarwar Chaudhry.


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