Shocking revelations by terrorist arrested from Karachi’s Sohrab Goth

KARACHI: Suspected terrorist Shamrez Punjabi, who was arrested from Sohrab Goth area of Karachi, has revealed on Saturday that he used to fund banned Taliban Mehsud Group through extortion and robbery.


He admitted his involvement in various criminal cases in Sohrab Goth, Super Highway, Manghopir, Sultanabad and other areas.

He told the investigators that he had demanded one million rupees extortion from Faisal Transporters in August 2015 with his newphew Aqib’s help.

Sources told that the suspect has twelve other accomplices. One of them identified as Irshad Mehsud was killed in encounter with the law enforcement personnel.

Shamrez Punjabi has also revealed that he bribed Manghopir police with millions of rupees for his release.

Police said search is underway to arrest other accomplices including Zaman Mehsud, Faiz Mehsud, Usman Mehsud, Fazal, Hassan Mehsud, Habib Khan, Waqar Punjabi, Tanvir, Faheem Pathan, Farooq Punjabi and Aqib Khan.


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