Shoe thrown at former PM Nawaz Sharif which touched his shoulder

LAHORE: A series of rowdy culture is being witnessed in Pakistan’s politics as a new bizarre incident of public response has been displayed once again.


Former 3 time prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif while coming to address Jamaia Naeema convention in Lahore, was unwelcome by intolerable act, as one attendant in the convention threw the shoe which supposedly hit the shoulder of Nawaz Sharif.

However, Nawaz addressed the convention for a short while and left, as the culprit was grabbed by the supporters of Nawaz.

On Saturday, Ink was thrown at foreign minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif while he was addressing the convention.

Following that bizarre incident the people grabbed the culprit and handed him to the police.

Similar sort of event was also witnessed against the interior minister Ahsan Iqbal last month, as one of the attendant in his constituency’s convention hurled shoe at him.

Both Khawaj Asif and Ahsan Iqbal belongs from Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz).

However, today Khawaja Asif has forgiven the culprit and ordered the police officials to release him.

Opposition parties have condemned the act, saying political differences aside but the actions displayed by few individuals can not be justified, newson reported.


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