Sindh Assembly witnesses scuffle between PPP, MQM


KARACHI: Sindh Assembly on Thursday witnessed a scuffle between the lawmakers of ruling Pakistan People’s party and opposition Muttahida Qaumi Movement.


During the session PPP and MQM’s members clashed with each other and engaged in combat

The clash broke out between PPP’s Mukesh Kumar Chawla and MQM’s Azeem Farooqui who started protesting on PPP’s Shamim Mumtaz’s address.

According to the media reports the members of both sides got irked on making comments about their central leadership.

MQM lawmakers went out of control as ‘London’ and ‘money laundering’ were mentioned in the speeches.

“If you talk about Dubai, I will disclose then what is going on in London,” Shamim Mumtaz is reported as saying which provoked MQM’s Azeem Farooqui.

PPP’s Mukesh Kumar Chawla entered the arena while Farooqui was over Shamim’s comments.

Opposition Leader Khawaja IzharUl Hasan and Sardar Ahmed kept intervening to stop the scuffle.

The session was adjourned until Friday morning.