Sindh Cabinet approves handing over IG Imam’s responsibilities to federal govt

KARACHI: The Sindh Cabinet has given approval to surrender the responsibilities of the Provincial Police Chief Kaleem Imam to the federal government, media reported on Wednesday.


The Sindh Cabinet has proposed the names of Ghulam Qadir Thebo, Mustaq Meher, Sanaullah Abbasi and Kamran Fazal for the post of Inspector General of Police. All the three officers have served on various posts in the province and possess vast experience.

The decision was taken during a hurriedly called meeting of the Sindh Cabinet ministers which was chaired by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. The meeting decided to replace Sindh IG Kaleem Imam and appoint another officer in his place.

Speaking to media persons, PPP leader Saeed Ghani said that IG Kaleem Imam is involved in creating rifts between the provincial government and the police department.

He said from day one, Imam is not cooperating and taking orders from the Sindh CM.

Ghani said the law and order situation in Karachi is deteriorating day by day and people have started pointing fingers on the performance of the police force. “More police stations should have been established on urgent basis in the city to counter crime,” he said.

He said since the time IG Kaleem Imam took charge of the office, a drastic increase in street crime has been witnessed.

Saeed Ghani said, “There was a lack of coordination and trust between the police and Sindh government.”

“The IG also issued irresponsible statements on media,” he remarked.

The PPP leader said it has been the priority of the Sindh government to improve the performance of the police department.

He mentioned that there had been no progress on Bisma case. “The irresponsible behaviour of the police led to the Dua Mangi case.” The killing of innocent people by police firing has become a matter of shame for the government,” he added.

He said disciplinary action should be taken against Kaleem Imam for not fulfilling his responsibilities with honesty.

He added four names of for the new police chief have been finalised and of them, three will be forwarded to the federal government for approval.

The recent development came in wake of the rifts between Sindh IG Kaleem Imam and the PPP-led provincial government.

Reacting on the matter, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to approach the court to stop transfer of Sindh IGP Kaleem Imam.

In a press briefing, PTI leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi said, “We will not allow transfer of IG Kaleem Imam at any cost.”

He added the names for the post of IGP are finalized by the federal government and not the provincial government. He maintained, “The federal government forwards three names to the provincial government to select one from the list.”

He said till the time the Sindh government will not work by following legal processes, matters will not be resolved.

He said those who do not obey the Sindh government are transferred by leveling false allegations.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has given the task to end differences between the two sides to Sindh Governor Imran Ismaeel. The PM instructed the governor settle the issue amicably.

Reportedly, the rifts arose when the Sindh government transferred and posted various police officers without consulting IG Kaleem Imam.

Imam showed reservations over the government’s move and said that transfers of police officials will decrease the morale of the police force. He said the decision will weaken the jurisdiction and position of the IG.

Imam said that he is the police chief and has the authority to make transfers in his department. The IG said he came to know about the matter through media.

He also wrote a letter to Sindh chief secretary and apprised him about his reservations.


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