Sindh Government should be held responsible for Naqeebullah’s Encounter, Farooq Sattar

KARACHI: Political leader Farooq Sattar demands that Sindh Government should stand responsible for Naqeebullah’s killing by the police,said sources.


Talking to the media, Farooq Sattar said that impartial investigations must held regarding Naqeebullah Mehsud’s encounter.

It is clear that the government is least bothered in taking actions against the policemen who violates the law and order situation of the city, he added.

Rao Anwar and Malik Altaf dismissed

Earlier today, the probe committee declared Naqeebullah innocent, also, the committee found no proof against Naqeebullah in terrorist activities.

AD Khwaja ordered SSP Rao Anwar and SSP investigation officer Malik Altaf to discontinue their posts prior today.

The probe committee commands to dismiss and arrest all personnels involved in Naqeebullah’s case.


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