Sindh local bodies ‘cease to exist’ from today onwards as tenure ends: notification

KARACHI: All local bodies, including office bearers from the Metropolitan Cooperation, Municipal Cooperation and others, will cease to exist from today [Monday] onwards after their four-year tenure comes to an end today.


“Consequent upon expiry of four years term of Local councils on August 30th 2020, pursuant to section 20 (1) of Sindh Local Government Act 2013, all offices of elected Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Chairmen, vice Corporation, Municipal Corporations, District Councils, Municipal committees, Town committees, Union Committees and Union Councils cease to exist w.e.f August 31st 2020,” a notification issued by the Sindh government read.

The notification also directed the individuals from aforementioned authorities to settle individual liability, return asset(s) including government vehicle(s) and state belongings, if any, to the officer-in-charge of the respective council, at once, as failure would constitute to offence.


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