Sindh urges centre to withdraw Rangers powers


KARACHI: Sindh government Thursday wrote a letter to federal government and objected over extension in special policing powers of Rangers.


In the letter dispatched to federal Interior Ministry, the provincial government has demanded of the centre to withdraw powers of the paramilitary troops, according to our correspondent.

The PPP-led Sindh government stated in the letter that since powers in this regard are granted to provinces under Article 147 after 18th Constitutional Amendment; therefore, granting powers to Rangers by federal government is centre’s intervention in provincial autonomy.

On Tuesday, federal Interior Ministry rejected a summary sent to it by Sindh Chief Minister seeking to curtail Rangers powers in Sindh. The ministry said Rangers powers could not be curtailed and that the paramilitary troops will continue to operate in Karachi under Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).

The decision echoed in today’s Senate session where senators belonging to PPP and ANP staged walkout to lodge their protest against what they called federal government’s ‘intervention’ in issue of Rangers powers.