Siraj announces to table anti-corruption bill in NA

QILA SAIFULLAH: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) ameer Sirajul Haq stated that the Panama Papers includes names of former leaders and opposition leaders, adding that to raze the ‘Somnath temple of corruption, the youth of today will have to become Mahmud of Ghazni’.


While addressing a gathering in Qila Saifullah, JI chief said that action similar to that being taken against the terrorists needs also to be taken against the ‘economic terrorists’ in the country, adding that a Bill in this regards will soon be presented in the National Assembly (NA).

Siraj said that 65% of the total corruption present in the country is in Balochistan and referring to former Finance Secretary of the province, Mushtaq Raisani, he said that Rs 630 million is being recovered from the residence of one secretary. He said that if the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiates inquiry against 400 scandals then all the in-service and former ministers will be behind bars.

Siraj added that if accountability is done in the country in a true spirit then all the leaders of the country, especially those belonging to Balochistan will end up in jails. He stated that the Adiala jail is being renovated, adding that he is seeing those sitting in the chambers as of now as handcuffed.

Referring to the immense poverty in the country, he said that even the dogs of the rich get to eat better than the poor people as the children of the latter search for eatables in the garbage. He appealed the public to support his party against corruption, adding that the time for accountability of the ‘Mughal emperors’ has arrived.