Software firm CEO forced to step down after pressuring female to resign over hijab

A Karachi-based software house that allegedly asked a young female employee to stop wearing Hijab at the office premises or resign from her position has taken back its decision following severe backlash on social media.


The story surfaced on social media through a Facebook post which detailed how the female recruit, just a few days into her employment with Creative Chaos, was told by her line manager that she could keep her job only if she would take off her hijab.

According to a Facebook post of the woman’s friend. “She joined this Monday and today her line manager comes up to her and tells her she can continue with the job only if she takes off her hijab.”

The CEO of the company Jawwad Kadir, has formally apologized claiming that the agency has a zero tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination.

The statement reads, “Yesterday, a senior member of our staff asked a colleague to resign on unprofessional and unethical grounds. She was told that her obligations may come in the way of her performance. Not only is this action disgraceful but shows extremely poor moral judgment by her hiring manager. I take full responsibility for this failure and am deeply ashamed that a colleague was put through distress and trauma.”

The company has requested the woman to withdraw her resignation.

The victim says that she was also warned not to consider legal options against the company.


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