Supreme Court released judgment over false testimony

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday released a written judgment over legal standing of false testimony, ordering legal trial under perjury against any witness found to have resorted to intentional fabrication.


The Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa wrote the order pertaining to a false testimony given by Assistant Sub-Inspector Khizar Hayat against Mohammad Ilyas who was accused of murder.

The order discards the false testimony by a witness and declares the rule fabricating one detail, fabricating everything will from this time forth be a fundamental part of the legal system.

Courts are forbidden by the apex court to show any compassion against falsifying witnesses and disallow the testimony even if a fragment of it is fabricated.

The order reads, “… A judicial system which permits deliberate falsehood is doomed to fail and a society which tolerates it is destined to self-destruct. Truth is the foundation of Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. 200 of 2019 31 justice and justice is the core and bedrock of a civilized society and, thus, any compromise on truth amounts to a compromise on a society’s future as a just, fair and civilized society.”

“It is also directed that a witness found by a court to have resorted to a deliberate falsehood on a material aspect shall, without any latitude, invariably be proceeded against for committing perjury,” the order adds.


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