Supreme Court reserves decision on duration of disqualification case

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court reserved on Wednesday its decision in the case to determine the time period that elected parliamentarians will remain disqualified for.


A five-member larger bench, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, was hearing several petitions to determine the time-period a lawmaker would remain disqualified for after being de-seated in violation of Article 62(1)(f) and other election laws.

Appearing in court today, Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf Ali argued the that in some instances, the stigma of disqualification of lawmakers continues even after their death.

Moreover, the court observed that the disqualification will continue for as long as the declaration [signed by electoral candidates declaring them honest] holds, adding that the 18th Amendment, passed in 2010, did not determine a time period for disqualification.


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