Thank God PTI did not win 2013 Elections, otherwise the entire Country would have been like KP: Nawaz Sharif

SWAT: Former ousted Prime Minister, Pakistan Muslim League’s(Nawaz) ‘Quaid for Lifetime’ Nawaz Sharif addressed the public gathering in Swat, saying that Imran Khan is getting to be dismissed from Khyber-PakhtunKhuwah Province in coming 2018 Elections.


“Thank God Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf did not win 2013 Elections, otherwise the Country would have been like Khyber Pakhtunkhuwah”, Nawaz lamented.

Nawaz also claimed that PML(N) will make the government in KP and in Federal Govenment

“Ilzam Khan(Imran) has failed to deliver in KP and failed to provide services to the KP inhabitants”, Nawaz alleged.

He hurled allegations of embezzlement  against the provincial government of KP causing losses to National Exchequer, and lambasted Imran Khan for using the State -used Helicopter.

Nawaz once again claimed that he was never involved in the Corruption scandal, and was ousted for not receiving the salary from his son in Panama verdict in the Supreme Court.

Earlier addressing Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif said that people have flocked towards the narrative of Nawaz seeking the respect for vote after Panama Verdict.

She expressed condemnation against KPK province for leaving the inhabitants of the province isolated whenever the flood has hit them, also alleging that the people of KP elected their representatives to serve them, province,  but instead they became pawn of someone else and started conspiring against the federal government .