Thank God that justice prevailed: Imran Khan

SWAT: Imran Khan was addressing a massive gathering in Swat as the Avenfield Reference verdict was being announced, after the verdict Imran Khan seemed confident and relieved and asked his workers and the common Pakistani’s to offer Prayers of thankfulness due to deliverance of Justice on merit.


Imran Khan was one of the top components and opposers of his arch political nemesis Nawaz Sharif post the Panama Papers document leaks.

“Corrupt individuals are thrown in jail, Sharif’s looted money from Pakistan and took it abroad, Sharif’s started the plague of horse trading in Pakistan.”

Allah Almighty has kept my respect intact, He is the God of Justice, said Imran.

Sharif Family distributed sweets among each other after the formation of JIT, they ate sweets because they thought they could buy everyone involved but they did not bear in mind that two courageous and loyal Pak Armed Forces employees were also a part of the JIT.

Nawaz Sharif has served the enemies agenda, he told the entire world that Mumbai Attacks were the doing of Pak Armed Forces, he kept ridiculing them on many instances.

He berated the respected courts of Pakistan just to save his theft, claimed Imran about Nawaz and N-leagues constant bashing of the courts on the media and in conferences.



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