Those responsible for mess of 40 years are holding PTI government accountable for 40 days: Asad Umar

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, Finance Minister Asad Umar put a staunch defence of the government’s finance amendment bill before it was tabled in the National Assembly for approval.


Following the speech made by Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) aide, Ahsan Iqbal, the finance minister took centre stage to inform the parliament on the challenges facing the country’s economy, which he said the amended bill will address.

Umar, following criticism from PML-N lawmaker Ahsan Iqbal, said that it is unfair that the 40-day old PTI government is being asked to fix matters that were not fixed in the previous 40 years.

“The circular debt for just this past year was Rs403 billion, and overall the circular debt has soared to Rs1.2 trillion. And then they say that streams of milk and honey used to flow in their reign.

Umar said that action has begun against those “big personalities” who have still not bothered to become tax filers.


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