Took us 30 years to recognize the ‘devil’ : Mustafa Kamal


MIRPURKHAS: Former Karachi mayor and leader of the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said it took him and others like him 30 years to recognize the ‘devil’.


Addressing his supporters here, Mustafa Kamal said ‘this man’ has no brother, sister or any close relative in Pakistan. “The people of Sindh must not listen to this man who would only incite hatred among you,” he added.

He, however, said no one will be able pit one brother of Sindh against another, stressing that the brothers of Sindh must rise above all the hatred and make a new beginning.

Earlier, activists of Mustafa Kamal’s rival party pelted his convoy with stones, shattering window panes of the vehicles including the one he was traveling in.

The situation got real tense, as a scuffle broke out between the supporters of Mustafa Kamal and the activists of his rival party.

The situation led to an exchange of blows and as a result buttons of Mustafa Kamal’s shirt were broken while Anees Qaimkhani had his face bruised.

Mustafa Kamal said it is not the fault of these youngsters. “These boys have been misguided. We will replace the stones in their hand with books and pen,” he added.