Torkham border remains closed for third day


LANDIKOTAL: The Torkham border remained closed for the third consecutive day Thursday after talks between Pakistani and Afghan authorities failed to reduce the tension over installation of barbed wire and fencing in Pakistani territory.


Hundreds of stranded passengers including women and children stayed in mosques, hotels and other empty buildings at Torkham, Landikotal and nearby areas. They were anxiously waiting for opening of the border so that they could start their journey towards their destination.

Around 50 trucks and trailers loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables were stranded for the second day on the Pakistani side of the border. The transporters were seen placing ice-blocks in the vegetables and fruit to keep it from becoming rotten.

The Pak-Afghan border at Torkham was closed on Tuesday after the situation became tense between the border security forces of the two countries over the issue of fencing, sources said.
The Pakistani officials had undertaken the work to check illegal movement on the border.