Upturn in Indian defense, atomic power is threat to Pakistan: Nasir Janjua


ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser (NSA) Lieutenant General (r) Nasir Janjua has said that increase in Indian defense and atomic power is a threat to Pakistan’s stability.


While addressing an international conference pertaining to international peace, Janjua said that none is safe in this world now, irrespective of region and time. Pakistan is an emblem of peace despite all challenges and destruction, he added.

He said that armies of the foreign powers left Afghanistan in chaos due to which Pakistan is enduring the aftermath.

While talking about Indo-Pak relations, he urged the international powers to stop cooperation with Indian in defense and atomic sector and end partial behavior with Pakistan.

Those who try to find solutions using their power need to turn to table talks, he added.

Janjua said that states need to reconcile and move forward with diplomacy in order to eliminate extremism and terrorism. He vowed that Pakistan would go to lengths to maintain peace.