Uzair Baloch is like a brother to me: Zulfiqar Mirza


KARACHI: Former Home Minister Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza said he considered Lyari gang-war leader Uzair Baloch his brother even till today.


“I am thankful he hasn’t been killed like Baba Ladla,” said Mirza. The ex-PPP member gave these comments while speaking to media personnel in Karachi.

PPP representative Saeed Ghani said every political party had contacts with gang war leader Uzair Baloch.

According to details, Ghani said in order to expand their influence in Lyari, every political party had tried to use Uzair Baloch in order to extract their own benefits.

Lyari gang-war leader Uzair Baloch was arrested by Rangers personnel today on the outskirts of Karachi, as he was trying to enter the city.

Sources are claiming Uzair Baloch will make sensational confessional statements regarding the murder of Khalid Shahanshah, slain PPP chief Benazir Bhutto’s top security guard.