We are not plotting against Rana Sanaullah, arrested target killer accused him: Abid Sher Ali


FAISALABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leader Abid Sher Ali said on Thursday that he or his father are not plotting against Rana Sanaullah but the arrested target killer claimed that he killed slain Punjab home minister Shuja Khanzada on his behest.


Father of Abid Sher Ali, Chaudhary Sher Ali accused the Law minister for killing of former Home Minister of Punjab few days ago.

Today in Dhobi Ghat Ground of Faisalabad, Abid Sher Ali said that truth has been revealed by the suspect Naveed Commando, who accused Rana Sanaullah in the court.

“Bhola Gujjar was like a brother to me and we spend good time together, police should investigate further according to Naveed’s statment”, said Abid Sher Ali.

PML-N leader further added that he or his father are not scheming against Rana Sanaullah.