Why have u given my name in corruption case ? Patel asks Dr Asim


KARACHI: All is not well between Pakistan People’s Party leaders Dr Asim Hussain and Abdul Qadir Patel, it emerged on Monday.


At the sidelines of the Anti-Terrorism Court during a trial the two have to face for facilitating medical check-up of terrorists, the former PPP Karachi chief complained to Dr Asim for nominating him in the case. “What harm had I done to you? Why did you name me in the case,” Patel said, sources revealed.

To this Dr Asim offered to take oath on the Holy Quran to defend his innocence. “I did not name you. I am ready to take oath on the Quran,” he said.

Patel retorted that he did not believe him. “This is a ploy against me,” he said.

Dr Asim repeated that he was innocent. “If I am proven wrong, punish me as you want,” he said.

The former petroleum minister has been under trial for corruption and facilitating the treatment of terrorists at his private hospital. Dr Asim had nominated Patel as one of the leaders in the PPP who assisted terrorists.

Earlier Patel was grilled at the Rangers headquarter for over five hours. Officers of the paramilitary asked him about his links to the Lyari gangs and involvement in Dr Asim’s case.

In the last hearing held at the ATC, Patel had said that he had never met Dr Asim in his life. “I have never called Dr Asim Hussain in my life. Statements procured from Dr Asim have no legal standing,” he said as he pleaded not guilty in the court.