Will govt act seriously upon declaring terrorism corruption: Bilawal

QUETTA: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Tuesday will government act seriously upon declaring terrorism corruption and the terrorists have been put in rest houses and granted immunity.


Speaking to the media after visiting families of Hazarganji blast victims at Quetta, Bilawal said it is unfortunate that after so much lives have been lost, the state is unable to decide whether it is with terrorists or the martyrs.

Bilawal asked, “the government has to decide. For how long will they continue with their double standards?” adding, “no one can fight extremism alone but we have to decide for the future. We need to fight this extremist mindset. When we ask for justice we are called an enemy of the state. When I speak against banned organisations, I’m branded an enemy of the state.”

Bilawal questioned, “are we the enemy of the state or are those banned organisations that are killing our children?” He said if the rulers want to mainstream anyone, it should be the victims of terrorism, not banned outfits.

Bilawal said he comes from a family of martyrs and will not sit quietly until he eliminated terrorism from the country. He said, “My entire political career will be for eradicating terrorism so that we can live peacefully in this country. We have to fight terrorism together and we have to protect the oppressed.”


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