Witnesses’ statements recorded before corruption investigations: Dr Asim


KARACHI: Former petroleum minister, Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) Dr Asim Hussain has alleged that not a single statement of any witness in a corruption reference against him bears date as they were recorded before the investigations began.


The former minister talked to the media before accountability court’s hearing in the provincial capital today.

Dr Hussain termed the filing of different corruption and terror cases against him a ‘media trail’ and denied the allegations. “I say under oath, I did not meet Faryal Talpur,” said the accused.

The alleged terror facilitator said that all the cases against him are bogus. No inquiries were conducted in the cases that he is facing, he added. Dr Hussain claimed that none of the 22 witnesses’ statements bear date of recording.

He further said that he had visited United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy with permission of the court. He has legally transferred the authority to his son to run a hospital that the family owns in Dubai.

Dr Asim Hussain, former petroleum minister and Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s confidant was arrested by Rangers in August 2015 from Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC).

After 90-day judicial remand acquired by the Rangers expired, a case was launched against Dr Asim in November. The case accused the former minister of providing shelter to terrorists and target killers in his hospital in Karachi, Dr Ziauddin Hospital.

Dr Hussain, allegedly provided safe havens to terrorists under the name of medical checkup.

Meanwhile, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) launched more than two cases in the accountability court against the Sindh HEC Chairman. The ex-minister is facing both corruption and terror charges in different courts.

Zardari’s confidant, several times in the past, has stated that he would not point his finger “to the one they want him to point to.”