Won’t let Imran dictate when people voted Nawaz to power, says Rafique

SIALKOT: Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique Saturday said that Imran Khan will not be allowed to dictate given the people voted Nawaz Sharif to power in the country.


Speaking at PML-N workers convention here, Saad Rafique recalled when his party came into power the entire country was plunged into darkness due to power shortfall, while institutions were on the verge of devastation.

“We had promised to eradicate terrorism and load shedding from the country and not make a compromise on Pakistan’s dignity,” he said. “We had also vowed to bring foreign investment, but the moment we started working it irked opponents.”

“It was a little over a year since we came into power that they gathered 15 to 20 thousand armed masses in the capital,” the minister recounted the Dharna days, adding that had the government confronted them then it would have led to a civil war in the country.

“We locked up our own workers fearing this.”


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