Won’t tolerate even a moment delay in 2018 elections: Nawaz Sharif

FAISALABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday has vowed that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) will clean sweep 2018 elections and once again will make it to the centre.


“Will not tolerate a minute delay in elections,” he said while party workers in Mianwali.

Nawaz said that he appeared for 80th time in the accountability court today, adding that he was punished for eliminating load shedding, terrorism across the country.

“I was punished for making country an atomic power,” he added.

He vowed to make Mianwali city Lahore if people given chance in 2018 elections.

Taking a jibe at PTI chief, Nawaz asked Imran Khan to tell what he had done in KPK province during five years.

“Not a single project was inaugurated in KPK by ‘Liar’ Khan”, Nawaz alleged.

Nawaz observed that a resolution to delay the elections was approved by the Balochistan Assembly. “You can see for yourself now, those who approved the resolution, the nation has rejected your move,” he said.

Maintaining his stance that not even a rupee’s corruption could be proven against him, Nawaz said the corruption references against him were baseless.


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