World should press India to end atrocities in IoK to end refugee crisis: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday the world should act and press India to end atrocities in Occupied Kashmir so that the refugee crisis could be controlled.


Addressing the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, the premier said that the Indian lockdown and human rights abuses in IoK are continuing. He said that people are fleeing the held valley and are seeking shelter in Pakistan.

The world leaders should act and make efforts to prevent people from becoming refugees, PM Khan urged. He added Pakistan is trying to resolve the peace process in Afghanistan so that Afghan refugees in our country could go back home.

He maintained that Pakistan gave shelter to four million refugees. He said, “We have to eliminate the reasons that compel people to become refugees.”

“Our country cannot hold more refugees and we have to act immediately to address the issue.”

The PM said that if the worlds acts now and put pressure on India to end brutality in occupied Kashmir, we could end the refugee crisis. “I would like to request the world forum to press India over the Kashmir issue.”

He said in Assam, the government has passed a Citizen Registration Act that allows people in India to show their citizenship. “Some two million people mostly Muslims who have been excluded from the Citizenship Act will not be able to prove their citizenship.”

The PM pointed out that India has also introduced a controversial act that states any minority facing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries can claim citizenship but it excludes Muslims.

“Once the crisis happens it is much more difficult to control it,” he remarked.

He asked, “If the conflict between the two nuclear states escalates, what will happen in future?”

On the occasion, the PM also thanked the officials on successfully holding the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva.


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