Youm-e-Ali: Procession takes place amid coronavirus lockdown

Despite of ban on processions & religious gatherings, streets are being blocked with containers to provide the security to the attendees.


A complete lockdown will be imposed in Sindh today from 6 am to 3 pm on the account of Youm-e-Ali.

The federal government has imposed a ban on holding processions. All markets in the province will remain closed during the lockdown, moreover, medical stores and grocery shops spared during the lockdown will also remain closed.

Friday congregational prayers at mosques will remain suspended as well. Besides the ban on pillion riding, all private offices and transportation will also remain suspended.

Authorities have asked people to stay homes in order to avoid trouble, adding that action will be taken against those coming out of their house for no valid reason.

Earlier, the Sindh government had announced a ban on religious gatherings during the holy month of Ramzan, which includes Youm-e-Ali and Mehfil-e-Shabeenas.

According to a notification released by the Home Department, the Government of Sindh, all religious gatherings “being not farz shall not be held.”


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