Zainab Murder case: Defence lawyer of main suspect backs off as his “conscience” awakens

LAHORE: Defence counsel of prime suspect in Zainab murder case backs off from defending his accused defendant, Newsone reported today.


Lawyer Mehar Shakeel Multani said that he can’t defend the accused as latter had already admitted of being solely involved in the murder of Zainab, a 7 years old girl.

He claimed that his “conscience” did not warrant him to defend the accused Imran Ali.

Imran Ali the prime accused in Zainab murder case was arrested by Punjab police from Kasur, later confessing his crime in raping and murdering Zainab.

The accused was arrested after his DNA matched with Zainab’s body.

His case is being heard by Anti-Terrorism Court, which is holding proceedings in Kot Lakhpat Jail, where the primary suspect, Imran is jailed on remand.


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