Zainab murder case: Khursheed Shah claims Govt arrested innocent people for its paperwork,

KASUR: Opposition Leader and Pakistan People’s Party stalwartKhurshid Shah claimed that the government has arrested innocent people in connection with the Zainab murder case for its paperwork.


Zainab, aged 7, was kidnapped on January 4 from near her aunt’s house in Kasur. Her body was discovered five days later from a garbage pile. The post-mortem report revealed that Zainab had been raped and murdered.

Speaking to media along with the deceased’s father, the Pakistan Peoples’ Party leader said that such regrettable incidents happen all over the world but the governments there are not as helpless.

However during the Media talk, it was visible that Zainab’s father rather standing shoulder to shoulder with Khursheed Shah, he was pushed behind.


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