Zardari deprive peasants from water in Sindh, says GDA chief Pir Pagara

Sanghar: Grand Democratic Alliance Chief and Spiritual leader of Hurs, Pir Pagara lashed out Pakistan People’s Party’s Co chairman Asif Zardari for depriving Sindh’s farmers of water, reported Newsone on Monday
“Asif Zardari has stolen water of poor land cultivators, whereas his agriculture lands received adequate water”, said Pir Pagara while addressing a public gathering in Sanghar, Sindh


He further criticized the performance of PPP over Sindh province for past 10 years and accused them of plundering province resources.

“PPP looted the resources of Sindh province and smuggled the wealth overseas and it is because of their corrupt practices the country is facing distension”, said GDA chief

Meanwhile he also responded to acute water crisis of the country and asked his disciples ‘Hurs’ to donate funds for dams construction.


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