PDM Jalsa A Show of Power From The Opposition

The PDM went on to march towards their designated area at multan for the jalsa that is scheduled for today and tomorrow. The PDM workers broke all fences and went on clashing with the authorities earlier. The parties’ workers who had already gathered from all over the country went on despite getting arrested in large numbers.


The workers have entered Qasim Bagh as of now. They have broken all locks making it a difficult situation for the authorities. The PDM leaders made statements that no matter what they shall continue to make this show of power and hold the jalsa.

During the last hour the situation has taken a surprising turn as the government officials have just allowed the opposition to hold their rally in an official statement. The only concern of the government was the spread of COVID from the rally.

At the moment of filing this news we have been informed that the PDM workers have fully gathered at the Qasim Bagh venue.

The law enforcing authorities and police have taken most of the fences off and are letting the workers and opposition parties’ leaders move towards the venue having removed removed the blocking trollies as well.

The workers have gathered and are waiting the arrival of their leaders to come over to the venue.

Maryam Nawaz along with Maryam Aurangzeb, reported till now has reached the venue leaving from her parental abode Jati Umra with her motorcade, whereas Aseefa Bhutto Zardari has reached Qasim Bagh. Earlier talking to the media, Maryam Nawaz said that the jalsa shall be held whether at the roads or at the venue it is bound to take place. As of now the arrival of Aseefa’s motorcade is moving towards the venue.

On the occasion, Maulana Fazlur Rehman seemed in a jolly mood, which portrayed the confidence the PDM has with this power show of the opposition parties.

Bilawal said that the Peoples party is working for humanitarian rights.

It seems apparent that the jalsa is bound to happen at the Qasim Bagh and not at the Clock Tower, which was considered as an alternative earlier. This decision however is to be taken when all leaders have once gathered at the venue.However, it is reported a few minutes ago that the opposition leaders have gathered at the Clock Tower.

The sound system and other equipment is coming along with the arrival of Aseefa. Who departed from Gilani House a while ago.

While we file this news it is reported that the containers are being turned into a stage for the said jalsa today. Aseefa Bhutto has already started addressing the jalsa making this her entry in politics a surety.

On the other hand government officials said that the permission has been given only to avoid any unpleasant occurrences.

It is reported that the Prime Minister has said that with the exception of NRO the government is willing to sit together and talk with the opposition regarding anything. Reports also credited the media for its ever-active part in giving timely information to the public.


It was reported yesterday that during the PDM rally held at the Clock Tower a fire broke out in a nearby carton factory which caused slight anxiousness among the workers temporarily, however, the addresses from the opposition leaders went on till the rally had come to a culmination point.


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