8 to 10 glass water intake per day to avoid heat affects in Ramazan: Experts

ISLAMABAD: Physicians and health experts have asked people for increasing water intake to avoid heat affects and maintain required level of minerals in the body especially during Ramazan.


Due to hot summer season and humid weather, the chances of dehydration will increase in human body and especially in fasting duration for more than 15 hours.

Doctors advised general public to take at least 8 to 10 glass of water or liquids in form of juices, beverages, etc. with intervals from Iftar to Sahar for proper functioning of body organs, said Dr. Rohi Khalil, a senior physician at polyclinic hospital.

She said, “a common practice followed by most of the people is that they take lot of water and drinks at iftar time to quench their thrust but it is not a healthy practice and not beneficial for human body”.

Dr. Rohi said for keeping the body healthy, “it is imperative that some solid diet should be taken first and then take water gradually as taking water with empty stomach is not good for intestine.”

She said level of salt and sugar in the body also reduces in Ramazan so they recommend that `Lemonade’ is the best drink not only to quench thrust but also to keep the level of minerals at the required level.

“At least eight glasses should be taken daily and maximum as much anyone can take because there is no harm of excessive water intake on human body rather it washes kidneys”, she said.

Senior Physician and in-charge blood bank, Poly Clinic Hospital, Dr. Sharif Astori said, “The quantity of fluid required to body for performing its functions properly should not be reduced to certain level and for this it is imperative to increase water intake.”


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