91st Birthday of PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Today 5th January marks the 91st birthday of assassinated ex- prime minister of Pakistan, ‘Quaid-e-Awam’ Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.


On 4th April, 1979 Bhutto was hanged into gallows which turned out to be the ‘judicial murder’ later confessed by the head judge.

Bhutto rose to the prominence in Military Dictator General Ayub Khan’s rule, as the former resigned from his kitchen cabinet on the differences in Tashkent declaration which ruled India to be the eventual winner of 1965 Pak-Ind war.

In 1969 Bhutto formed the Pakistan People’s Party, giving a slogan of change and went with this narrative in 1970 polls, impressed his critics and after the fall of Dhaka escalated to the presidency.

He is honored with the accolade of giving Pakistan a unanimous parliamentary Constitution in 1973, then became the first ever elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

However, things changed when his own hand picked General Zia-ul Haq dismissed his government on 5th July 1977 under the operation fair play, executed him through the judicial process, was hanged on 4th April, 1979.


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