Barkat e Ramzan OST Surpasses 1 million views on Facebook

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



Carrying forward the tradition of past years, this year too NewsOne aims to bring to you a Ramzan transmission unlike any other.
Previous OST of the transmission sung by the mellifluous voice of Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, serenaded the listeners yet again baring with the zeal and zest of the auspicious occasion of Ramzan.

Barkat e Ramzan aims to win the hearts and minds of its viewers and listeners yet again.

The soulful rendition is composed by Wajid Saeed and written by the legendary Sabir Zafar.

The official lyrics and audio version of the OST has been released to massive praise and approval and the much awaited video too is on the horizon.

Like previous years, this year too the listeners and viewers have been left flabbergasted and on the edge of their seats for what is to come in this year’s video and eventually the mammoth Ramzan transmission.

Here is to hoping for another prosperous, kind, benevolent, merciful and bountiful month of Ramzan to Muslims around the globe.

We thank everyone who has listened to and Enjoyed the OST thus far and are hopeful that the video and transmission will also get such an overwhelming response.


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