China to develop super, super computer

BEIJING: China plans to develop a prototype exascale computer by the end of the year, state media said on Tuesday, as it seeks to win a global race to be the first to build a machine capable of a billion, billion calculations per second.


If successful, the achievement would cement its place as a leading power in the world of supercomputing.

Though a prototype was in the pipeline, a complete version of such a machine would take a few more years to complete, Xinhua news agency cited Zhang Ting, application engineer at the National Supercomputer Center in the port city of Tianjin, as saying.

The exascale computer could have applications in big data and cloud computing work, he added. As of last June, China for the first time had more top-ranked supercomputers than the US, with 167 compared to 165, according to a survey by supercomputer tracking website



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