Facebook plans to put ads inside Messenger: Report

Facebook is planning to put advertisements inside Messenger and it could launch within the next few months, according to reports.


The report, which cites leaked documents which apparently state that the ads will look different to those that appear elsewhere on Facebook, and will appear only in message threads with businesses and those businesses will only be able to advertise to people who have contacted them previously.

Included within the social network’s plans is the proposed creation of a new kind of personalised URL.

This URL, which would be shared by businesses, would link back to a new message thread with their page.

The URL is apparently designed to make brand and business communication via Facebook more simple.

The new feature is planned for Q2 2016, i.e. in the new few months.

Though these plans are aimed primarily at businesses, there are fears that, if successful, Facebook might experiment with rolling Messenger ads out to the wider public.


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