Google Map now shows wheelchair accessible locations

Sometimes best things come in small packages. In an effort to make places more accessible to persons with disabilities, Google has rolled out a small update to its Maps service that shows whether a place is wheelchair friendly.


The latest feature displays if a location, such as a building or restaurant, is accessible by a wheelchair-bound person. The service relies on information from local sources who update about places they visit.

According to British magazine, Google’s database has already ran into the millions; hence it is confident about including these results on its listings in Maps.

Information regarding the wheelchair accessibility of a place can be checked under the amenities section when looking up any establishment in Maps. You can also add your own findings regarding the places you have been.

The latest feature was built by a group of Googlers led by Rio Akasaka, a product manager for Google Drive, who utilised their ’20% time’ to work on the project.

Under Google’s famous ‘20% time’ policy, employees can spend 20% of their time working on other projects unrelated to their main jobs. Gmail, AdSense, and Google News all started as 20% projects. However, nowadays most of the Google workers don’t do it as they need to get permission from managers to get this time.


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