Intel Pakistan to celebrate 2nd annual mobility day – Intel road show

Intel Pakistan on Thursday celebrated the second annual Intel Mobility Road Show. The event showcased the best of Intel’s mobile solutions with the full range of form factors and features, powered by Intel Atom processor and Intel Core processor, with a focus on what is in store now, and also a glimpse into the future on what’s coming.


During speaking at the second annual Intel mobility road show, Intel Country Manager Naveed Siraj said the society was dedicated to providing technological innovations at affordable costs to everyone.

Bay Trail is available in three types: Bay Trail-T (Intel’s Atom Processor Z3000 series) is for tablets while Bay Trail-M and Bay Trail-D are for entry level devices in the laptop and desktop space. The family of SoCs allows one hardware configuration for both the Windows and Android platform to drive a wider choice of devices for both consumers and business users.

These have been projected to increase battery lifetime on high usage devices and allow producers to provide thinner, weaker and more powerful devices at a scope of different monetary value levels.

“Today’s generation of Intel [products] delivers energy- effective performance to power a range of computing devices. These devices deliver Intel-level operation, powerful enough to run multiple applications simultaneously, permitting users to move between apps with ease,” he excused.

Addressing at the event, Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan shared his views: “Today’s generation of Intel® Atom™ processors delivers energy-efficient perinmance to power a range of computing devices ranging from thin, light, smart phones and tablets, intelligent cars, advanced health care devices, smart city infrastructure monitoring and high-performance micro servers in the swarm.

In the final stage, he alleged the government would possess to modernize infrastructure in society to attract investors in the IT sector, while underscoring that technological evolution would help boost Pakistan’s economy.


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