Japan’s Left 4 Dead arcade edition to be trialed at four sites between May 23-25

Left 4 Dead: Survivors is an official arcade off-shoot heading to Japan, courtesy of Taito and Valve. It’s just received its first trailer and, well, it looks a lot like Left 4 Dead on consoles.


Satirized in February this year merely as “Project Z”, the arcade rendition of Left 4 Dead looks set to convey the original team-based shooting mayhem to arcades with surprising fidelity.

Survivors is in Japanese arcades for you to RUN AND SHOT the ZOMBIE and ZOMBIE and ZOMBIEs, is not only ready to tear through the population of Japan but is about to be trialed at four selected arcades beginning May 23.

It doesn’t seem to vary much from the indigenous two games, except this time they aimed it up.

Twitter user life lower posted a GIF of game play as well!


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